This project was based off my genuine appreciation for the sport of golf. I thoroughly enjoy watching the pros handle the sport and it fascinates me how it all works. 

For the magazine cover, I wanted my title to stand out and be bold. The green background and yellow 'the' flag is yellow to pay homage to The Masters. I also chose to give the magazine title some depth by adding the drop shadow behind the bold font.

The golfers I have featured are three very big pillars in the game, are highly respected and looked to as role-models and mentors to many current professionals.


I once took a photo of a golf course right after the sun rose. I really wanted to use this photo. So, my original cover featured scenery and didn't really capture a prospective reader's attention in a way that drew them to the magazine itself,  or to the feature article. 

The feature article I found  was an article on golf’s “Big Three," and from that point, my magazine cover went from scenery to people really quick. I needed to bring my feature article to view for my potential audience, and shown is my end result. The three “Big Three,” individual golfers during the time of their competitive careers.

For the feature article itself, I chose to use the close-up of a golf ball as the background for the first two pages. For the third and fourth pages I wanted to showcase black and white photos of “The Big Three.” Credits are in the margins.


The first two pages, with the up-close golf ball shot, I was aiming for a more general approach, but something with enough depth that remained eye-catching.

The third and fourth pages take the reader back to a time where these 'big three' were at the top of their game, with the black and white photos, then coming to present day with the color photo of them all together.

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