Perkins County (NE) is currently fundraising for a new aquatic center. I was contacted to redesign their current logo for more branding opportunities. 

I wanted something that would stand out, but still have some variances because there isn't much you can do with "water" as a theme, but there's also A LOT you can do with "water" as a theme. 

I started with a droplet and decided to add wave-like lines on top to give some depth, variance and a different option for a gradient. Working with large-format printing, I knew that sometimes smaller items like deals can be difficult to print when there's a gradient implemented, so that was part of the reason why I chose the separate lines. 

I have the PMS colors listed. I chose to create this logo using PMS + coated colors since CMYK, RGB and HEX values can be difficult to replicate moving from machine to machine when in the printing process. 

The typography I wanted to continue with the basic/simplistic "water" theme I had chose and found a "bubble" font that had the elements I was looking for, such as being smooth but still easy-to-read.