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Add it [all] to the List!

My list is getting longer and longer, and I truly couldn’t be happier for it. Let me clarify…the better list. The list of things I can’t wait to get done, the list I’ve waited for–for two+ years, the list I knew I’d cheer myself on for. Yeah yeah, so you’re probably sitting here thinking, “So, why are you blogging instead of doing it?” Well, to answer and to be more than honest, I needed to drink a whole bunch of Red Bull today to rid myself of the incoming migraine so I could continue working, so I’m just taking a break. ALSO, my mistake, I purchased a Base 3 instead of a Base 1 for paint to paint boards, so whoops, rookie mistake.

Fun Fact: I worked at Home Depot while in college (first round) and worked in almost every department. I was only kicked out of lumber because (surprise) I’m not big enough to operate the big saw.

Anyway, here’s to the list I’ve always dreamed of. Here’s to adding to it. Here’s to all the upcoming lists I’ll make in the future, and being damn grateful for each part of every list that’s to come. Also, in case I forget, thank you to YOU if you get on this list, or ask to be on the list. Better this list than an alternative list.

++All my love and gratitude.

*The list might be short (for now) but it sure is beautiful.

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