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Dear Molly, with Love, Your Pencil

I imagine if I were to get a letter from my pencil, it wouldn't be all too kind. My pencil hasn't always been my favorite tool for creating.

Currently I'm working on a logo for a re-design/modern-updating for a gym. Throughout school I learned that I need to sketch first, then jump to the computer. I need continually remind myself to put my ideas down on paper before I get to the computer to help give the ideas a chance to show up on paper. Sometimes ideas don't always translate to paper well, so it's necessary to sketch first. Sketching also helps me to make sure I'm including all the necessary details. A lot of the time I get so focused on the end result, that I forget a detail here and there, and I cannot allow that to happen. So this is my reminder to pick up my pencil before anything else.

What's on the list this week:

- Finishing logos

-Painting signs

-Christmas shopping

-Painting signs (yeah, I know it's on here twice, it's important)

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