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Grateful Passions -- Not [Necessarily] a Romance Novel

I have a REAL sappy post all written out--comfortably accepting its final tweaks, re-reads, and re-writes. I mean it is super sappy. -BUT- another day...another day I shall grace the interwebs with the glittery-sprinkly-sappy-saps of my die-cut-heart-tree another day.

Sappy Preview
Surprise! (Sappy Post)

I had a lightning strike of a topic. I am VERY grateful I've been given what I asked for. I've had some pretty heartfelt posts recently (ha...there have been two), and I wanted to write about something that's ACTUALLY business related.

I should have written about this a while ago, but I wasn't 100% sure how to articulate what I do, and how much I truly love what I do.

A while ago I was asked if, "I'm using my passions for my job." For the first time, I was able to say yes. (Have I told that two-sentence story before? I can't remember)... If I have said that before, forgive me. I have a point, I promise.

If any human, internet troll, or robot has scanned the offerings of my website, my 'Meet Molly' describes the short version of what I do, and how I found what I do. What it comes down to is I am a graphic designer and I love what I do. I never thought I'd get to this point in my life but here I am and I am overwhelmingly grateful to be in my own shoes for once. Here's a longer version of how I got here.

Growing up I always wanted to be in the medical field. When I was growing up I saw my Grandpa in the hospital, and because I witnessed what the nurses did to help take care of him, I was under the impression [from the ripe age of 8] that ALL nurses did what those nurses were doing. I had no idea that there were different areas of nursing. The joke is on all you city folk--us small-towners are versatile, and I now have a lot more respect for the nurses in my tiny town and all the tiny towns, as well. (The joke really isn't on the city-folk, all nurses are magical people.) Anyway, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, then when I got into high school I thought I wanted to be a chiropractor. Then when I ACTUALLY got to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. My 'new student enrollment day' story is a typical "Oh, Molly..." story. Ultimately, when I got to college-- it took me 5 instead of the 3.5 it should have taken me. In those 5 years--from the time I stepped foot on campus until the time I walked off, I changed my major 5 times. I think I cried more than I'm willing to admit because I was so lost, but had I not figured out what I DON'T like, I wouldn't know what I LOVE.

I love history. (This took a turn you didn't expect, didn't it?!)

I graduated with my degree in Psychology and my minor in History. Psychology still interests me a lot, and contrary to what some might think, I DO remember a lot of things from my classes. I loved developmental psychology the most. I think it fascinated me because I was interested in the possibility of finding some answers about myself. Aside from that (which I never did get any answers or insight to my own psyche...) I also liked Evolutionary Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychology of Memory.

-BUT- H I S T O R Y----

I LOVE History. My last semester of college was the best because it was filled with History classes. It's hard to pin down my favorite. I had a favorite History professor and I had a couple favorite History classes. I think mostly I was really good at writing papers, so I think that played into my love for the classes. When it came time for me to maybe consider thinking about what I might do after I graduated, I reached out all over campus (Yes, quite late in the game). I considered going back into education, but that wait list was bananas-long, plus that's not where my heart truly was, so I just decided I'd find a job and go from there.

UNL Graduation!

Thanks to my Aunt--she helped me find my first job out of college. My first taste of the commute between Lincoln and Omaha. (Little did I know, it wouldn't be my only tango with that commute) I lasted only a few months. Then as luck would have it, my second job was right around the corner from my apartment. Then I found my third job. Bless that third job. Had it not been for that third job, I wouldn't have found what I loved, or realized that my love was literally in my hands this entire time.

Research. I did a lot of research. I looked at my favorite paper companies and found out they all had one thing in common...aside from the 'office cat' which I will never have. (sorry cat lovers). They all had their degrees in Graphic Design. I looked at schools. I talked to three, got accepted into two and chose one. The accelerated program, the program where I should be done in 2 years and some change.

Graduation Cake! (2017)

Graduated. 27 October 2017, two years and some change after I started, I finished...and with an outstanding GPA...something I never thought I'd be able to brag about in regards to myself. I found a job...within my career field. Kind-of. --because I've had the pleasure of working with the public for the last forever-years in my life, I was moved to a different position that put me in front of people more than the original position I was hired for. It was fine--I made a lot of 'friends' even though I never saw the whites of their eyes. I also started doing more freelance work on the side. I did invitations for friends and still did calligraphy. I still do calligraphy. --my love has literally been in my hands this entire time. Anyway, present day I am at another job. This time, doing what I love. I think multiple times in the day that I'm so lucky to be doing what I love. I even laugh at certain projects because I get to work on them, and also sometimes they're so silly they make me giggle.

Face Swapping ALWAYS gets a giggle.

I love creating things for people and I love the programs that help me create things. -but- more so, the genuinely sincere gratitude that I truly feel each and every day is the gratitude for finding what I love. Gratitude for the passion I have for doing exceedingly well in school and carrying it into the real world. Gratitude for the hunger that I had to keep going and keep searching. I think more [family members] than just my Mother and Dad are happy I found my something to satiate that hunger. I am grateful that even though I was exhausted, emotionally drained, and felt incredibly lost, I continued on. I made hard choices and I stood up for myself even though I felt as big as a tiny mouse looking up at a giant grand-daddy elephant. My point is, I kept going. I keep going. It might all be in my head, but I think I look back a lot, not because I'm sad or I have a lot of regrets...maybe just one or two (another day). ........but it seems I'm not finished yet, and as cheeseball as it sounds, it feels like I am just starting, and I am grateful. Grateful that this new start is looking pretty dang good. I think I look back because I'm amazed that I landed where I did, with the peace that I have.

Sometimes I play this game with my cousin or with friends-- If you could go back, would you?

Most of the time we all agree we'd go back and relive this or that. In my world, I'd go back for maybe three days and pack in all the fun stuff into said three days-- cheerleading, speech, Taco Tuesdays, cross country, track, and leaving school to go get breakfast.

-BUT- if I could teleport back to high school graduation day, I'd leave this little note to myself:

"Mol, follow that pull, that pull that says what you're searching for isn't here. Keep going, because you WILL find your path, and you'll know it when you step on. Just follow your intuition and do not give up because your intuition is something you truly can trust. Don't listen to the voices (real voices, people, real human voices), take the advice that amplifies your intuition, but the rest...just let it go. Just follow what feels right, you won't be misguided. I promise. --Oh and here's a tissue, you'll need it in about 20 minutes. *love-future Mol.

-P.S.---ehhh, nevermind, I won't spoil the fun."

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