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I'm on Fire

...not in an angry way.

I am on fire in the [absolute] B E S T way. I'm doing things that fill my bucket so that I may be a fountain for others. I have been making and lettering and helping.

The end of January was the beginning of so much and the end of other things. My part-timer ended while my one of my best friends began her forever with the man of her dreams. It was a true honor and blessing to be part of her special day. Not only did it say so much about our friendship, but to witness the heartfelt vows and be included as a 'close friend or family member' for the ceremony really touched my heart. As an added bonus I got to make some signs for the wedding. I used 1x3's and put together some 30x36" signs.

I used #minwax wood stain in three different colors to create the end result. To letter the boards, I used #bbfrösch to get the chalky-finish for my letters--it all added to the rustic winter wedding theme.

For the boards, the bride wanted their last name, and their wedding date and a menu board.

Looking back, I would have made "menu" bigger and given it more presence on the board. I was pleased with how the 'san serif' turned out, since that is where I feel the weakest.

It felt great to paint again. The most recent projects have been done in #sharpiepaint markers. I do not have anything against the markers, and I think they look great.

Personally--I just prefer to paint when I hand-letter on a larger(ish) scale. I feel like I have more control over my brush and know how and where to push my paint.

Anyway, if I could, I'd like to revisit that weekend--spending time with old friends, making new ones, and being present in the love.

Another project I had been working on for the last couple months was a #logo re-design for a gym. My cousin owns a gym in our hometown and she asked if I would help her update her gym logo. My cousin is definitely #goals. She's beautiful, kind, and she's dedicated. She's a great momma, her babe is one of the cutest I've ever seen (yeah, I'm probably biased, so sue me) and my cousin...she's a damn hard worker. She is one I've always looked up to and wanted to be like. So when she came to me, I [of course] said, "Sh*t yeah."

I started at the drawing board and sketched out a few designs for her. I had her narrow it down to her top three-five. From there, I went to my computer and put them into #illustrator. After she chose "the one" I duplicated it into the requested words: studio, pilates, row, and cardio-stretch-strength. She took the final product I had created, had them made into vinyl decals to have placed on the doors.

To say I am grateful for this opportunity would definitely be an understatement. I honestly did not realize this is what *this* felt like. Are there any designers that get this excited about seeing their work come to life? --or is that just me?

So to say the least, the last month has been pretty super. I am blessed and grateful and excited for what's to come. I'm also excited I to share all these excitements. I'm just excited.

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