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'Olivia Pope' It & Be Grateful

Go with your gut--that's what I'm getting at. (If you watch Scandal you'll understand what I'm saying)

Currently, I'm preparing for the weekend with a lot of lettering projects. I love these projects. These are definitely top-three of my favorite kinds of projects. I am all about the creating and making. (Can you count those as the same thing?)

Anyway, I'm mid-project and I realize I shouldn't have tried to do it how I did, I should have just gone with my gut (Olivia Pope'd it) and did my own damn thing, because that's what makes me different and that's what makes my work stand out--hells bells that's what makes us all stand out from one another (that's for another post).

After I post this I'm going to go sand off what I've done and start over. Imma be up all night if I have to, because this is what I love. --AAAND-- I'm grateful for this gift.

So I worked for a chiropractor once (whoop whoop chiropractic!)--and while I was there I picked up something that I carry with me always. Gratitude.

After each new patient, the doc would write a thank you note, giving gratitude to the person that referred the new patient. I always have thought that was the best thing. How simple--just to say thank you...thank you for sending us someone that you love...thank you for trusting us to care for that person that you love. I/We are so grateful for you.

Since my path has continued on after the chiropractic office, I have continued to give gratitude to those I've encountered--gratitude for their kindness and generosity...gratitude for bringing joy into my life...gratitude for sharing their life/lives with me...gratitude for all the opportunities that I've been given...gratitude for the lessons I've learned--good and not-so-good.

So here I am, grateful for so much, but in this moment, grateful for my gut feeling, grateful I have the time to begin again, grateful for what's to come. (And as cheesful as it is)--grateful for you--for taking the two-ish minutes out of your day to read this. [again] Grateful for my gift and so much more...and so grateful I can pass on the gratitude to the next person.

I am grateful for you.

**psst--pass it on

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