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What Time is It?!

(sum mah time…thanks HSM2)

…It’s late according to the clock, but over the last couple years time has been relative. It seems like I haven’t gotten any sleep in the best way possible. I’ve continuously been working on project after project and watching a million distracting (wait, what? distracting?!) videos on YouTube. Okay fine, some of them were helpful–not as distracting, but most of them were definitely distracting. Anyway, I’ve worked super hard and have stayed as super focused as I could on what is coming up next.

Perhaps I should elaborate a little more before I go much further… since my last two posts didn’t exactly talk about me.

I’m Molly, most people call me Molls. I have also gone by Melanie, Polly, Holly, and Dorothy. Definitely not a joke. I was raised in Grant, Nebraska and have been in Nebraska all my life. I was adopted from South Korea and that’s definitely on my list of places to visit. I live off of 90’s hip hop and rice. I can drink coffee anytime of the day and still get a solid night’s sleep. I enjoy a good gallon of water and making other people laugh. Grant is a farming community, but I wouldn’t make it 5 minutes on a farm (town kid). If you ask anyone that’s close to me, they’d probably tell you I watch a lot of golf and I love Rory McIlroy. I’ve worked in health care since I graduated college the first time, so I don’t get grossed out by much, and I tend to ramble and tell stories that are far too long. See, I’m doing it already. Anyway, onto the next. (Thanks, Jay Z).

So exactly, what’s coming up next? I’m done with college for the second time and I’m going to be honest, I’m terrified of what’s next. My actual career path, or the career path I choose to skip down while throwing glitter… I ran cross country in high school and a lot of my life lessons came from that sport. First–there’s always someone faster than you, and someone slower than you. So, while I know there are plenty of people that are better than I am, I know there are also some that aren’t as good as I am, but I am pushing myself to be better–Second XC lesson–Look up! Focus on the girl ahead of you and go get her! In this case, focus forward and go after it.

How this all relates to the title of this post…what’s next…one might venture to say, “A nap, Molls, duh!” And while yes, you’re right, you’re also so wrong. Super cliché–but what comes next is more work, so while I continue to check the clock when I swear 5 minutes ago it was just 9:00, and now, wait, what time is it?! It’s now 12:34?! It’s time to get back to work (here’s your cliché) Time to keep working on bettering myself, time to keep working towards bigger goals, time to keep working on my projects, time to keep working on my time management skills, time to keep looking for the next BIG thing we’re all searching for…mostly though, it’s the time to keep working.

I have big plans for myself. It’s funny over the last couple years I’ve learned that I am my biggest cheerleader and I am my biggest support system, and I am the one that HAS to keep me going when I can’t anymore. I always have one more in me. So in order to keep myself looking up and chasing my big dreams, I have to keep working.

Fun fact: I am probably too candid for blogging. I often times wish for a tiny gnome to hang out in a tiny back pack that could fit neatly in my giant bag and just pop out on occasion, to say, “Yeah, Mol, I might not say that exactly, try this…” So while I continue working on my time management, and recruiting a gnome, I’ll do my best to 1. keep up with this, and 2. be as much me as I can without being too extra. (I’m hip with the lingo, can’t you tell?)

*Me in a nutshell. Out of this world.

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