Paper Sunday
Paper Sunday

First Logo


Molly Logo


Creating an identity for myself was difficult. I wanted to show my love for color but keep my logo as a whole classy, simple and clean. 

I learned while in school to, "use your skills if you have them--(i.e. if you know what you're doing--take your own photos and use them)." 


Until I got into school, a lot of my art/all of my art has evolved from my penmanship, so that's why I chose to use this skill. I wrote out different variations then used Adobe Illustrator to clean them up for digital use. 

My color palette is my all-time favorite. Navy, chartreuse, and poppy red / coral red are three of my absolute favorites. The color of each word does not hold any significance, I just thought it looked best.

The name "Paper Sunday" stems from college and me writing all my 'papers on Sunday.' 

My logo has since evolved since I first came up with my concept for my identity. My colors have also evolved from poppy red to pink and the navy got lighter because they were too similar to black and red, which gave a holiday/festive flare to my logo. 

I wrote my name in the same manner I did Paper Sunday, and used Illustrator again. 

The logo portion of each of these was born through Illustrator as well. My thought process was that circles are continuous and often help things of significance stand out or to help one remember something specific, and I want my work to be remembered.