I took a local team and moved them to South Carolina.


The Storm Chasers are a baseball team local to my area. Their current color palette consists of dark blue, medium-light blue and gold. I decided to move them to South Carolina because of the 'storms' that occur on the East Coast. 

The color palette I changed to was to match the coastal sunsets(orange) and the water(aqua). I chose to add darker and lighter grey as accent colors or 'fillers' instead of plain white. Since navy blue is one of my favorite colors I wanted to incorporate that as well and thought it off-set the orange and aqua colors in a supportive-strong way, not overpowering. 

For the logo design, I wanted to stick with something that was modern enough without looking too futuristic, but something that was clean cut (kind of like the 'C' for the Chicago Cubs). I took the 'C' and mirrored it, then made the 'S' the forefront and gave it top and bottom accents to incorporate the lighter blue/teal color to make the 'S' stand out and give contrast against the mirrored 'C's. 

I also had set up a uniform color palette for home, away and alternative uniforms. Since most teams wear the light color for their home games, the main color is the bigger square, and as the colored boxes get smaller, the less prominent the colors would be on the uniforms. 

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