First of all, who doesn't love cake? 

I have a deep love for infographics for many reasons. Mostly, it's how the information is delivered that really sets my soul on fire. It's informative but fun and personally, I'm a visual learner so I like the pictures. 

I conducted a little research and surveyed a group of people on what type of cake they liked, how they liked it and how much. I also asked about icing and if decoration was important, and if so, how important. From there I took my results and created a visual of the results in the form of pie charts 

I gave my study group a list of options to make it simple so that my data would not be overly skewed. I came up with the list of cake flavors and frosting flavors that I thought were most popular and then choices between whether they loved it, didn't or kind-of loved it. 

With the data I made a bar graph, shown at the top and also in pie-chart form with written answers next to each pie-chart. 

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