This is just a tiny taste of that sweet nectar that is "The Dream." 

I have a whole blog post about my dream job and this definitely gave me a taste.


I LOVE school branding. It's the colors, the block lettering-- Serif or Sans Serif, it doesn't matter-- I am ALL about it. 

For this project I was given a team photo for each sport, then a photo of just the seniors. I was also given examples of the "end goal" for each poster. The school wanted to highlight the seniors for the posters and have the schedule featured along with whole-team photos. The football poster was to give a "Friday Night Lights" vibe, while the volleyball poster was to be modeled after a school in the Big 12 Conference. 

The football photo was the most difficult. The boys standing on the left had the light source coming from their right side (the left side of the original photo), while the boys on the right had big evergreen trees behind them. The boys standing in the middle had the scoreboard behind them. I selected the seniors and added a layer mask so I could drop a different background behind the boys. I was limited on time so I did what I could to make the light source seem less prominent. I added a glow around the whole group to try to add some to the boys on the right, and brushed out as much glow as I could for those on the left. I added the schedule and a bold font for the school name and mascot, as well as a smaller whole-team photo. 


The volleyball photo didn't take quite as long, but still needed adjustments. The original photo was off-center, so I cropped it and worked from there. I selected the seniors and added a layer mask, much like the football photo, but didn't have as many "distractions" to be sure were eliminated from the viewer. I added the schedule and a whole-team photo, but behind the schedule dates, I added individual boxes with a gradient to give more of a background to the schedule dates for easier reading for the viewers.  There is some "dead-space" on this poster for the sake of preserving the equal spacing of the schedule lines on both sides of the poster, while accommodating the whole-team photo in the bottom right corner.