I created a vector image of a red balloon for the front of the ticket. Red balloons are given to football game attendees and after the first points are put on the Husker scoreboard, the balloons are released.


When designing this ticket, my initial thought was to have the script text at the top of each ticket change to different lines out of the following three Nebraska fight songs; Nebraska’s fight song, Hail Varsity, and March of the Cornhuskers. 


I wanted to give a modern look to the ticket with the bolded san-serif font, but use the script font for a nostalgic accent. I've seen tickets from years past in this vector format with a nostalgic flare and I wanted to mimic that in a more modern sense but use something that was significant to all Husker fans. 

The back of the ticket is modeled after current Nebraska tickets by including a redeemable QR code for a discount any Runza Restaurant location.


Runza sandwiches are native to Nebraska. They’re hoagie-like in shape, but have features of a calizone in a similar sense because they’re filled with seasoned ground beef and sautéed cabbage. Paired perfectly with frings (fries and onion rings) or regular crinkle-cut french fries!

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