I'm Molly! 

I am seriously super grateful you're here! -AND- you want to know more about ME! I can be rather chatty, so to get the *important* things out of the way...

This is a list of things I love: 

My family, glitter, snacks, coffee, water, watching golf, macaroni and cheese, art, my friends, creating, Grant, Nebraska, helping others and serving my community, subtitles ON, my nieces and nephews, eggs benedict, my tiny dog, Seoul, South Korea, adventure, fishing, stripes, babies, my retainer, and the fact that I haven't ever mowed a lawn. 

Other than that list, here is a little more in-depth information about myself...

I honestly never knew that I could do art for a job. I always thought of Van Gogh, and didn't want to be a starving artist. Fast forward through my first degree, fast forward through the YEARS of working in customer service, and stop on the day I realized I could actually do art for a job. I immediately looked for schools and decided online was my best option at that time in my life. 

I graduated from Full Sail University - Online in 2017 and I am more than proud to say that FINALLY-- I am one-of-those-people that is happy doing what I set out to do. While I'm not exactly using my first degree, it still comes in quite handy. Do I regret that first degree? Hells no, Homie! I had a great college experience, and don't regret most of it (wink). 

Anyway, I am very excited about where I'm at in life and where I am headed in my career. I am also very excited you are here! Thanks, again for checking out my website!